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Howzzaat, Mahira?

Mahira Khan’s latest ad for a hair removing cream has drawn a lot of criticism, as it shows her playing basketball in a pencil skirt dress and heels. Many have come forward to express discontentment over the fact that the advertisement promotes unrealistic standards of beauty. The most recent bash came from Pakistan women’s cricket team’s former captain, Sana Mir. In a Facebook post, the 32-year-old cricketer mentioned how young girls who aspire to launch themselves into sports are being brainwashed by companies that aim to give them “beautiful” skin. Sana also called out celebrities and sponsors who are speak up on matters of female objectification, but fail to realise that the products they are endorsing promote the same.


That awrat ko parda karna chahiye Got real


The sister act

Our very own Reema was spotted out and about with her younger sister recently. We can tell that delicate features and milky complexion runs in the family. The ladies look beautiful, but can we take a moment to appreciate how graceful Reema looks? She is one of the very few actresses of her time who is still well maintained and always look classy!


It’s our favourite time of the week when we come across a fashion face off between two gorgeous ladies; we get to see the same piece styled in two very different ways, bringing their individual styles to the fore, and we take our pick of the version we like the best! Supermodel Cybil Chaudhry was seen wearing this electric blue suit on the red carpet of a recent spring/summer fashion show. She went for a pulled back low ponytail, minimal jewellery and black heels. While Iqra aziz rocked the same colour block outfit with big round hoop earrings and camel heels. While Iqra’s shoes take the prize, her pulled up sleeves make the crisp suit look messy. She missed the mark quite closely on this one!


Strings tug at the heart with their melody

While the band is celebrating its 30 years with their album 30, their concert in Karachi recently has the distinction of being Pakistan's first that was inclusive of those who are hard of hearing. Held at Habib University, the musical event was attended by roughly 300 deaf people. The idea behind it was to hold an inclusive concert for the deaf, which is why there were individuals present on stage to interpret the show. The team of four interpreters worked with Strings on the lyrics and also arranged the music in a way to make sure the audience could feel the bass, so that they could enjoy the concert.

If you are wondering how an event like this was made enjoyable for the attendees, here’s how: The lyrics of the songs as well as the music were communicated to the audience through sign language. The guitar, beats and more were made adaptable by the sound system. The vibrations of the sounds let a person know the music. The mood of the song was communicated via lighting. These three components worked together to allow a deaf person to enjoy the concert. The show also had deaf models from Amir Adnan's ramp walk opening the show with the national anthem. About the event, Strings shared, "It was a very special moment for us. It was beautiful watching our special guests dancing to our music and we're so humbled by the experience. We hope they enjoyed as much as we did!"