Truth or Dare

  • 12 May - 18 May, 2018
  • Farheen Jawaid
  • Reviews

Dare I say that Truth or Dare is the best thing in its niche genre of supernatural horror slasher since Final Destination – a genre that infamously requires the whole cast get the kicker as the movie progresses.

The movie runs on a colour by numbers pattern. A morally and ethically sound girl Olivia (Lucy Hale) is persuaded by her bestie, Markie (Violett Beane), to go on their last spring break to Mexico before they finish college. Markie already had made excuses for her prior commitment to Habitat for Humanity, a popular international program for the needy, which she also supports through her YouTube account.

In Mexico with Markie’s boyfriend Lucas (Tyler Posey), friends (Hayden Szeto, Nolan Gerard Funk and Sophia Ali) and a tag along guy (Sam Lerner), they get coaxed to go in a mysterious, spooky abandoned church where a game of truth and dare starts with their lives. The group is bonded in a curse to keep playing the game, where if they stop they die; If any one of them lies when they choose the truth, they die. If they don’t complete a dare, they die. So, yes, we get the drift, a lot of them have the potential to die.

Truth or Dare is as fresh as the genre parameter lets it be. The pace is tight and the loopholes are smartly tied off. Acting is compulsorily wide-eyed for a cast experienced in television. Genre enthusiasts, though, have a new title to look to, and to the laymen it is just right for a filler night.