‘Yash Chopra told me that a heroine must always look beautiful on screen’

Yash Chopra is one of the most famous names in the film industry. The filmmaker who dazzled everyone with his beautiful movies had also made many Bollywood stars’ careers, including that of actress Juhi Chawla who shot to fame after giving a breakthrough performance in his movie Darr. On the director’s birthday, the actress spoke fondly about him and said, "I got to work with Yashji first in the film Chandni, where he gave me the chance in a guest appearance, the lead opposite Vinod Khannaji. Then, a year or two later I got to be signed on to Darr. It was a huge film for me. I was just making it in the industry, making a mark and getting somewhere at that time, so it was a very big step for me.”

When asked what advice was given to her by Yashji that she still cherished, she said, "This wasn't directly said to me but, it was something he said. I had just a few days of shooting for Chandni. I played the person Vinod Khannaji's character was in love with and she fell ill and she passed away. I was shooting these scenes where I was unwell and very close to death. I was supposed to be in the hospital and they put dark circles under my eyes to look sallow. Yashji looked at me and said 'Nahin, nahin, yeh zyaada ho gaya thoda. Kam karo isko. Scene kuch bhi ho, even if it's a sad scene or a death sequence, heroine hamesha khoobsurat lagni chahiye.' It has stayed with me for so long. For years, this advice played a huge part on how I presented myself in my career."