Gigi’s sister not happy with rumours of Gigi-Zayn patch-up

It looks like former lovers, singer Zayn Malik and supermodel Gigi Hadid, are back together. The duo, who announced their split on March 13 after two years of dating, were recently spotted hanging out in New York.

According to TMZ, the former One Direction star was photographed leaving the supermodel's apartment multiple times last week and the two were clicked in New York City's Soho together.

But Bella Hadid, Gigi’s sister, who was there to help Gigi Hadid through her rough times with Zayn Malik in the past, is afraid history is going to repeat itself if a romance heats up between the two again.

“Bella fears that Zayn will break Gigi’s heart again,” a source close to Gigi told HollywoodLife. “Bella knows that Zayn is a dangerous lover because she was there to pick up the pieces the first time Gigi broke up with him. Bella has major anxiety over Gigi getting back together with Zayn because he is a sensitive soul with a lot of issues. Bella helped Gigi through her rough times with Zayn in the past and she doesn’t want to see her sister get hurt again.”

Despite Gigi and Zayn’s troubles, it seems the couple can’t quite fully let go of the love they have for each other. After announcing their split in March, they were seen cozying up again in NYC so it looks like they’re officially back on. Gigi’s smile during the outing seemed to prove she loved being by Zayn’s side again so it will be interesting to see where things go from here!