Côtie Rôtie

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Located inside the premises of Alliance Francaise in Karachi, Cotie Rotie boasts of a soothing sense of privacy. The greenery surrounding it provides a much needed cool for visitors. As you step inside the restaurant, you will be greeted by contemporary art and fascinating décor. A dapper-looking staff is efficient enough to serve you well throughout your dining experience. Their fancy menu is a delight to check out any time, and the eatery makes sure to provide its customers something new by coming up with exclusive menus around Christmas, thanksgiving and other occasions.

I started out with Grilled Kale Salad served on feta cheese, figs and beetroot. The salad was dressed in balsamic vinegar and tasted really good. This is one of the dishes that have a mild taste through and through, no element is strong enough to overpower your palette. Their Trio of Buttermilk is a platter of three mini burgers with fried chicken fillet inside along with mustard dressing, cheese shavings and mild coleslaw and sriracha sauce. The platter is served with a small side salad. The best part about the eatables is that you can have them without creating a mess, unlike their large counterparts. Although the cheese and sriracha burgers taste a bit similar, overall the taste is good. I also tried their Spaghetti with Sun-dried Tomato Pesto garnished with shavings of cheese and almond slivers. The kitchen takes pride in making all its dressing and most of its ingredients in house. One bite into the pasta and you can tell how fresh everything tastes, and this is what sets the food at Cotie Rotie apart. The dish had a bit of heat to it that comes from black pepper and makes it taste really good, though it had too much oil. The star of the meal, however, has to be Strawberry Lemonade; the fresh and cool drink with chunks of strawberry in it is a go-to choice in the scorching heat of Karachi!