Khasara - Routine or Noticeable?

Nice to see cute lady, Sarwat Gillini after a long while! She’s been away, perhaps doing theatre and other things. Beautiful and sensitive Sonia Mishal looks like a fine girl for the future after brilliant work in O Rangreza. Khasara plays on a private channel. Not exactly, no such khasara for the famous channel. But, no great earner either. The serial looks routine, but then, it could go on to become noticeable.

Interesting to see two handsome men together, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Junaid Khan. Both are very popular, and Junaid has turned out to be a capable actor, if missing his music. Don’t know why he isn’t appearing on the Coke Studio. As for Mikaal Zee, he is also busy in adverts, but his best was in Sang-e-Marmar ka Dil. No doubt, Alif Allah Aur Insan was another of his best, where he played a young man, who turns to a life of spirituality. And now, his latest serial, De Ijazat is being followed, though it went against expectations, where people were looking forward to it being based on journalism!

What stumps me, and not for the first time, is that script-writers continue to write as if they are portraying nameless beings. No characters have characteristics. No ideals, no hobbies, no quirks. No wonder all the serials look the same, and get monotonous and boring.