Early May - News Register

Hmmm! What after noon?
Upfront kachehri from Khanewal, Abrarul Haq is turning the screws on Noon, again! And this time, he’s gunning for no less than Ahsan Iqbal! Main keya, Abrar Sahab, kee karan daeyo!

Well, according to Ahsan Iqbal, if Abrar wants to go to court on his Iqama, he’s welcome, but he must inform him that he will fail: because his Iqama is not that Iqama! He doesn’t get paid on his Iqama!

You mean, no Billo da ghar for the Nooni fellow?

Now, what of our patakha girl, Meera, who says she won’t make up with Mahira, no way! ‘Sorry, main naheen maan sakti!’ she seemed to have shown the angootha to the people who wanted to help make peace between the two! ‘I have my usool! Mahira has wrong policies!’

Yeah, I am sure Mahira didn’t major in International Relations! But, lately, while the guys swoon for her, girls are giving her tough time. That stylish stroke-maker, Sana Meer got after Mahira for advocating white, ‘unreal’ skin for girls in an ad. True, how can they acquire that peach skin as Mahira’s!

The newswallahs say that Yoyo Honey Singh has turned a great fan of Sajjad Ali’s latest hit Lagaya Dil Magar…. Uhh, the song is definitely worth listening, but I can assure you that it’s no award that Yoyo likes it! I remember once when Annu Kapoor of Antakshiri had welcomed Sajjad Ali with a hug, and quoted his songs, that was big praise because Annu Kapoor understands music. But, Yoyo? Wow! I mean with a line like “Gulzar ke geeton mein Yoyo Honey Singh ghuss gaya”, in one of his ‘hits’, even Gulzar is sheepish these days!

Early May, Meesha Shafi has closed down her social media account. Too aggressive messages were being received, that seemed to be more like threats. Well, one will have to ask both the parties (Ali Zafar too) to turn the volume down! It’s literally causing a collective hysteria, for heavens’ sake!