BlackBerry’s KEYone


How many of you, dear readers and smartphone users, had once upon a time utilised a BlackBerry not just as your everyday digital pal, but also as a status symbol? In all fairness, a BlackBerry was ‘the’ smartphone back then. The phone evokes memories of the coolness that owning a BlackBerry brought along. KEYone is the third version after the original silver and black variations, and is, by far, the most aesthetically pleasing of the lot. It is a beauty; swapping those silver and black hues for a bronze touch really ups the ante in terms of looks, with a matte finish on its leatheresque rear for good measure. It also matches up with the Black Edition’s 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, up from the original’s 3G and 32GB. Plus, it now also supports dual-SIM capabilities. For those of us who have been using the virtual keyboard on smartphones may find themselves learning to type all over again. TCL’s latest offering reminds one of their favourite BlackBerry of all-time, the Torch, way back in 2010, because of a simple reason: it combines productivity, great form and, in the KEYone’s case, nostalgia. More of them are expected to be launched in 2018 and we approve. Keep’em coming! – WKND