Sania Mirza makes candid confessions

Sania Mirza just got candid about love when she made an appearance on popular Indian chat show No Filter Neha, in which she shared fun facts about herself, like her guilty pleasure being on Indian TV soap, and that while she is not huge on parties, she was once asked to leave a hotel room because of partying too much. Sania also talked quite a bit about her husband Shoaib Malik and revealed that he is as crazy as she is, but many assume him to be the sober one.

"We didn't date that long. He got to know me pretty well. But he's a chupa rustam! I got to know about his wild side much later after we were married and I was like 'phew'! He may look all sweet and adorable but he can definitely have a crazy time," revealed the pro player. The tennis star was also asked to give her cricketer hubby some love advice, to which she said, "He should express more in words. I know he loves me but he should not take me for granted. Sometimes it's nice to show it."

She also gave herself some advice, saying, "I need to be less possessive. I’m not insecure, I am possessive. There is a big difference. Shoaib is better at communication and I feel like I sometimes shut myself off, I want to change that."