Pampering your first love on her day

  • 12 May - 18 May, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Spotlight

Even as the old adage goes, every day is Mother’s Day. Every year on the second Sunday of May, the world dedicates a special day to the superwomen in our lives who have given a lifetime to raise us, love us and make us better human beings. For some, this day puts quite a bit of pressure to make a grand gesture through showery mothers with gifts and edible delights. Don’t be jittery; we have this planned out for you. Here are seven ideas to bring a hearty smile on your mother’s face this year.

Say it with yellow roses and chocolates

Universally, flowers and chocolates are the most favoured gifts when it comes to the expression of love. Despite being the most common gifts at every celebration, their significance and adoration never seem to wither away. Get hold of a card and pour your heart with a handwritten letter addressed to your mom, pairing it with her favourite chocolates and fresh flowers. Yellow roses in particular symbolise happiness, joy and well-being; by presenting them to your mother, you remind her of the joy she brings you and the bond you share.

Decorate the interiors with her

If your mom is like every other desi mom, you’d know that she is obsessed with decorating and renovating her home space. With that being said, getting your mother a nice, thoughtful painting for the drawing room, flowering plants for her lounge or a brand new lamp and scented candles for her room would instantly light up her day. Just walk into a home décor store; you’d be baffled by the options there! You may even consider getting her a few regular everyday things she has been planning to buy. Is she fond of coffee? Get her a coffee-maker! Is she fond of tea? Get her an assortment of different types of flavoured tea.

Indulge her

Moms call it the best present ever; indulgences by their children. For mother’s day, you can join and help her with the things she finds pleasure and pride in. For instance, if your mother is big on planting, make a note to lend some help with her backyard planting projects, help her plant more flowers and more. If your mom is fond of baking, join her in making a cake especially for her. If she likes being around the beach, plan a quick getaway to the coast.

Call it ‘pamper her’ day

Do you know anyone who needs de-stressing and pampering more than your mom? Perhaps not. On her day, gift her a voucher at her favourite beauty salon or spa. You can choose from a variety of services they offer and indulge your mom in a relaxing manicure-pedicure, or a body massage. Spa dates with mom can go really well, too followed by a treat at her favourite eatery. It will allow you an opportunity to bond with her and the aftermath would be a more relaxed, de-stressed and invigorated mom, ready to tackle anything the coming days throw at her!

Plan a hi-tea brunch

Whisk your mom away from the house to a nice bistro for a memorable hi-tea. Take the liberty to order her favourites from the menu. Honestly, our moms want nothing more from us except our time. Spend the evening bonding with her over a cup of tea and fresh cakes. To add more fun, you can consider inviting your mom’s closest friends and spend time with all of them together.

Personalised gifts are the winner

By personalising a gift, you add more thought and love to it. It can be a watch with your mom’s initials on it, a photo frame with your picture with her under a heart-warming message, a wallet with her name on it and much more! With personalised gifts, you get a lot of options. And remember, even the smallest and simplest gifts, if done right, can bring the biggest smile on your loved one’s face.