Mermaid Waves

Remember Ariel, the red head mermaid’s wavy locks from The Little Mermaid? Yes! Since then, the mermaid hair has become a coveted trend that never sweeps out of style. Wispy, long tresses framing the face are particularly a summer favourite. Adding flowers to the style makes for a perfect summer wedding look. Use your curling iron and hairspray to the aid. It may call for some elbow grease but the final look is extremely promising.

Beach Waves

Nothing screams trendly summer hair more than the beachy waves. It is the most sophisticated look to achieve. Contrary to how difficult beach waves may seem to style; there are indeed a few hacks to getting it right. Spray your hair with dry shampoo; rumple them up a little and head out the door!

Perfect Plaits

The season has gone strew when messy plaits were in vogue; now, opt for the neat schoolgirl plaits. Neat fish braids, simple and multiple plaits have dominated the fashion runways for the summer season, make she you jump an the trendwagon.

Plentiful Ponies

Gritty, simple and multiple pony tails have been walked down the runway by many models, giving us the cue to gather our hair and secure them in a hair tie this summer. Undoubtedly the most effortless and oldest hair style ever, the good old pony tail has undergone many variations over the time. To prim the final look, spray your hair with texturising mist or a shine spray, this allows your pony tail to stay in place for a longer period. Pull out a few strands from the front to give it a casual look, or let it be a sleek and chic look. It's easy to beat humidity when you sport a high pony.