Letters To The Editor

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” – Michelangelo

Met Office needs upgraded weather monitoring

The scorching heatwave has swept Karachi and its adjoining cities, with temperatures mounting alarmingly high. While the country’s climate has always been unprecedented and even volatile, the heatwave last week took citizen’s by the throat. Earlier in the month, the metrological office predicted that the heatwave is “likely” to hit major cities during the months of April and May, but failed to predict specified periods of the month when citizens will have to face the heat onslaught. Forecasting heatwaves is a challenge but is not entirely impossible. A country like Pakistan which is so often susceptible to drastic climate changes and temperatures, it is important that the meteorological office does in-depth weather forecast to mentally and physically prepare citizens from harsh weather conditions. With the availability of appropriate models and meteorological data, predicting heatwaves can be made possible. It is high time that the meteorological office’s weather-monitoring and forecasting abilities are upgraded in the face of such weather anomalies.

Qasim Haider,

Minimum wage law debacle

Another labour day passed this year with zero-efforts made to uplift Pakistan’s most hard-working and underprivileged community. Nationwide, many offices observed a holiday while one could still see labour working on the roads in sweltering heat. Amidst the many woes and turmoil of the labour class, includes the non-implementation of the minimum-wage law. It is the law which prohibits employers from hiring employees or workers for remuneration less than a given hourly, daily or monthly minimum wage. The law is rigidly followed by many countries yet in Pakistan it has been grossly ignored. It should be brought to the Supreme Court’s notice that since decades the federal and provincial governments have miserably failed to implement the minimum wage law due to bad governance.

Maheen Shah,

Here comes inflation

Only few days are left to Ramadan and citizens have already observed a surge in prices of daily food items. The month of spirituality, holiness and blessings has been turned into a season of suffering for the masses with mounting inflation. All over the globe, major superstores and even food brands offer whopping discounts and concessions on eatables, yet in Pakistan it’s an entirely opposite scenario. While these inflated prices affect the commoners, it has a profoundly adverse impact over the poor. Will we ever observe Ramadan in this country where the prices are better controlled and not surging sky high?

Reham Kulsoom,

Promote recycling

A lot has been said and written about recycling and extensive efforts have also been made to promote the act. Our country is still in dire need to combat pollution and conserve resources and in order to achieve such objectives, recycling should be avidly practiced. Concerned authorities should also organise campaigns to educate commoners about recycling and its benefits. Local brands should also be encouraged to promote recycling by using biodegradable bags and recycled materials.

Ahmed Awan,