Have faith in ‘the juice life’ this iftar

With Karachi becoming a brick kiln in the beating sun and 15 hours of fasting upon us, it’s easy to say, that the month isn’t going to be a bed of fresh roses. So when you break the fast at the first sound of azan and dig into the plates laden with pakoras and samosas; think (!), is it really all too healthy? While it is close to impossible to coax our desi cravings away from crispy fried pakoras every iftar, it is important to consider healthier options alternately. And dutifully hydrate ourselves.

Feed your soul with rejuvenation in a cup; ample rounds of juicing.

While eating freshly cut fruits and vegetables off the plate may seem like the healthiest option available to you. Most of us are disadvantaged by an impaired digestive system because of our less-than-optimal food choices over the years, hence limiting our bodies to absorb all the nutrients from the greens we eat. Having the greens juiced rather than munching them down gives your digestive system a rest from working on fiber. It also allows your body to absorb all the nutrients better.

And when I say juice, I don’t mean the tetrapak from commercialised food giants, nor am I a fan of sugary fruit juices. A lot of research has been made on vegetable juices, making them the crowned king of healthy lifestyle. In fact, vegetable juices are way more beneficial than the fruit ones, if you are in doubt have them both! They prove to be an excellent source of hydration. Perhaps you can consider skipping the sugary Rooh Afzah from your iftar menu and seek healthy juices for your hydration needs.

To convince you, here are the many benefits of filing your mason jars with fresh blends of juice:

• Reduced risk of cancer

• Major boost to the immune system

• Helps the body get rid of toxins

• Aids in digestion

• Helps you lose weight

• Hydrates the body

Juices can, in fact, be counted upon to have your fill of nutrients you would rather not munch on. Say spinach, which not many are a fan of (at least I am not), can be blended and disguised in a juice with other flavours. A jar of juice can responsibly allow you to chug down vegetables and supplement for a full, healthy diet. And your digestion system will woot for you!

Here is a quick juicing recipe for instant health and hydration. Blended with apple, the assertive flavour of spinach is notched down perfectly.

Make your own glass of juice as a refreshing drink to break the fast with or have it post iftar. Count upon it to make for healthy and tasty hydrating drink. Make sure you are using fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid refrigerating juices for longer periods as it poses higher chances of developing bacteria. Happy juicing!
– Attiya Abbass

Spinach, Carrot and Apple Juice

5 spinach leaves
1 apple
1 carrot
Cinnamon, for flavouring (optional)


1. Chop all the fruits and vegetables and blend them in a juicer. Add water, if you want a thinner consistency.

2. Dash the cinnamon as required.