The best juice bars around town

Greeno Juice Bar

Greeno has emerged victorious amongst all juice bars with its unique and tasty juicing recipes. The juice bar offers a vast selection of shakes, yoghurt smoothies, super tonics, dairy classics and salads. Their all fruit smoothies are particularly top sellers. Greeno can be found in almost every shopping mall and food street!

Refuel Juice Bar

Located in a small premises at Rahat Commercial, Refuel juice bars is a place to go to rejuvenate and drink fresh. A wide assortment of juices and smoothies can be found on their menu. If you drop by, don’t miss the juice bar’s best seller, Unbeatable, which is a delectable punch of pineapple, lemon, carrot, orange and apple.

The Ultimate Detox

Give your body a much-needed cleanse and head to The Ultimate Detox at the main Saba Avenue. The juice bar boasts a selection of fresh detox drinks, juices, smoothies and all things hydrating!