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The supposedly pan Asian eatery is almost two months old now. Located in the midst of a business centre on a busy road next to Habib Bank Plaza at I.I Chundrigar Road, Walk2Wok is awfully, and understandably, busy during lunch hours. The dishes that they offer, albeit limited, are quite pocket friendly which helps attract more crowd. The eatery offers a few basic wok-fried dishes that one could opt to have with either noodles or rice, while they have a few rice and gravy items on the menu as well. The food, seatings, interiors and even utensils seem to be inspired by the way Chop Chop Wok, one of the first eateries to introduce pan Asian cuisine and popularise wok-fried noodles in Karachi. However, for comparatively much lower price, decent ambience, good service and food that tastes good enough, Walk2Wok becomes a good second choice.

I started with Thai salad then went on to Chinese wok-fried noodles, Mongolian beef and mint lemonade. The salad tasted more like the kachumbar salad with chilli flakes and chicken; it tasted good, of course, but it wasn’t a Thai salad. I really like the wok-fried noodles; the perfectly boiled noodles and stir-fried veggies tasted quite appetising in hot black pepper sauce. The julienned strips of juicy beef, too, tasted amazing in a glossy dark sauce.

There are a few things they need to work on though; the first look at their menu spells confusion, until they find the right direction they shouldn’t call themselves a pan-Asian restaurant – they have a few breakfast specials that have nothing to do with Asian cuisine and are planning on introducing burger and white sauce pasta to the list – the crushed black pepper in their Chinese sauce is too chunky, the noodles used in the dish are ones you can easily buy packaged in shops, the capsicum in the beef gravy needed just a bit more stir-frying and the mint lemonade was a bit too watery. The restaurant has a lot of potential and judging by the attention it is getting already, it has a long way to go! Walk2Wok definitely deserves a visit for it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.