Why No Variety? - More Channels More Boredom!

True! Drama hee drama! And I don’t just mean domestic fare; I include the so-called political discussion on every news channel That’s an over-bearing, melodrama, for heaven’s sake!

Total boredom on 50 local channels. Why no variety? Even in TV serials, there‘s hardly a comedy serial or solo play, or tele-film, or a late-night long play, like in the ’80s! Why have we cut them down? Either you watch a siyasi malakhra, or you have the Hobson’s choice of just ‘domestic’ drama! Oh yes, one other choice, the comic get together in the night on some channels, where they go totally crazy! But, no music shows, no literary shows, no discussions on real issue, where four to five good individuals could take part! No info-based shows either, for instance on science or philosophy that would give you some sense, like Geo used to have, titled Alif!

What is this? You call that local television? Can’t PEMRA include this issue as a priority to feed it in the suggestions with the channels?

I still remember how we enjoyed ‘hit parade’ shows, with Mahira, Naveen, Fakhr-e-Alam, Anoushay Ashraf, Faizan, Ayesha Alam, Ali Safina and others. Those were beautiful shows, and we had such a lot of fun then. Today, it’s like we only sport monotone!