Ad-mission - Bahu Bhali!

It’s something queer with a tea ad! You, may be, notice it a little more than other commercials. From the ‘Lipton umda hai’ during the Sixties to ‘Bahu chaey tayyar hai’ today, one feels attracted to the ghareloo atmosphere, and the social occasion. Of course, the beverage ads are also very popular, as many views were expressed about ‘Zalima, Coca Cola pila de!’

But, I detect a bit of good manners lacking in the Supreme ad. ‘Good manners cost nothing’, Lord Tennyson once told a famous British upstart cricketer!

The loving saas, Samina Peerzada says to the otherwise good girl, Mawra Hocane, ‘Bahu, chai tayyar hai.’ The daughter-in-law, instead of thanking the saas, and adding that expected bit of ‘Arrey, aap ne mujh se kyun naheen kaha, main bana deti,’ goes over to the table, and settles into the chair, and immediately starts to sip the tea!

No wonder, when she utters ‘yeh chai…..?’, the saas suspects she has an objection ready for the home-made tea!

And the way Bahu is elated the moment her own mother is mentioned causes that bitter truth percolating in the cup that brings forth storms in the chinaware!