Mid May Biz News - Lotsa Items!

Hectic activity in the first half of May! With ‘trans-continental’ star, Mahira rushing off to Cannes, our darling of TV audiences, Saba Qamar supposedly about to partner Ben Affleck in a Hollywood movie, and then the sharmila and good-looking actor, Imran Abbas being signed for a British production, it’s a full news register this week!

Oh, and yes, lest I forget, Meera threatens to leave Pakistan (married off, according to her!) after being consistently made fun of on the local media!

Yes, so much has happened in a week!

Mahira, we hear, is livid with the Urdu press, which suggested that she made efforts to make friends with Meera. According to the papers, she gave a last quote to the media before leaving for Cannes, saying, “Meera is my mother’s age. I have no comparison with her. She’s the grandmother of liars, who gets publicity through commenting in lame English!”

Really, I Cannes comment on it!

As for the out and about Saba Qamar, the Baghi star has been approached by Hollywood, and this is big news indeed. But, in the meantime, she has been called up by the FBR, for the tax audit of 2014-15, on May 16. So, before she stars opposite Ben Affleck, she has to count her stars with FBR!

Well, the smart guy, who went to India to be paired with Bipasha Basu in Bollywood, is now to be seen in an English movie with a good cast and credit. Imran Abbas seems to be the latest chap to be booking a flight to Europe, after Ahsan Khan uploaded a selfie with the team of Fast and Furious! Going places these guys!

Ummm, and yes, Sajjal Ali is ready to mount the steps on the aisle for her beau. What’s his name there? Sorry folks, no idea just yet! Well, Reema has returned to her hubby, Tariq Shahab, in the US, after a busy April in Pakistan, while Saima has announced her own film production for the coming months. The name of her debut production, wait for it, is Selfie! Ciao!