Last Thursday evening, we sat by the pool side of Avari Towers, in the hot May weather to watch the album launch of the bands Kashmir and Badnaam of Pepsi Battle of the Bands. With fans gearing themselves for the much-awaited third season of the musical television contest, an album launch for winners and runners-up of the second season Kashmir and Badnaam, respectively was organised. In the midst of hisses of Pepsi cans opening, the event was quiet memorable.

Hosted by the always-poised Anusheh Shahid, a sea of audiences, most of whom were wearing blue, watched as the bands presented their videos, walking everyone through their entire journey. It was intriguing listening to the band narrating their journey. This was followed by a question-and-answer session with the band members which fell banal and uninteresting as most of the queries posed by the host centered on the band members’ personal life, rather than their musical interests. Naturally, it meant that the audience lost interest and most of them could be seen wandering off or scrolling through their phones.

However, when the bands took to the stage with their performances, the audiences were shaken awake with the great music. Badnaam performed Zindagi, a very mellow track in contrast with their usual grunge music mood, Ek Nukte and Aflaaq. Kashmir performed Pareshanian, Dhoop and Dhokaybaaz.

The night was salvaged by the stupendous performances by the bands, stirring in all of us excitement for more.