Modest fashion is making rounds all over the fashion industry, with many designers and powerhouse brands inculcating its essence into their craft. Hijab remains to be an integral part of modest fashion but more importantly it’s largely favoured and honoured in Islam. Worn in a myriad of ways by women, the original hijab has undergone a lot of styling and changes. It does not remain to be all about wrapping a piece of fabric around your head and walking out the door. Add these 5 elegant styles to your hijab routine.

The Arabic Style

Arab women prefer to add volume to their hijabs; the bigger the better. The hair is piled up high in a bun or in voluminous updos and the scarf is wrapped in layers around the head to give the needed bulk.

Loose scarves

You get up late in the morning, and suddenly its rush hour. If you’re running behind schedule, you can’t possibly find time to fidget with pins to tie up that perfect hijab, can you? Loose scarves that can be worn without a pin are an easy fix; take a long rectangular scarf and casually drape it around your head, throwing the other end over one shoulder, as you bound out the door. A loose scarf makes you look effortlessly pretty and fuss-free. They are also the most breathable hijab styles to wear in summer.

Front-covering hijab

Do you own a beautiful embellished or printed scarf that you always wanted to flaunt around, but couldn’t? Perhaps this time you can, just by wearing it a bit differently. Spread one corner of the fabric across your chest and tie the rest of it up on your head as a hijab to flaunt its gorgeous print in all its glory.

Show off your earrings

Have you given up wearing those coveted dangly earrings just because you wear a scraf? Now, you don’t need to! Drape the scarf over your head and tie it back across the nape of neck to reveal your ear lobes. Pop on dangling jewellery on your ears to seal the look. You can even flaunt these earrings with a turban-style hijab.

Accessorising the hijab

Tired of your repetitive, mundane, simple hijab routine? It’s time you add a little bling and shine to it. A great of way of doing this is, by making use of the jewellery lying around in your dresser. Insert some shiny rings into the loose corners hanging down your shoulder. You can even go an extra mile with a Coachella affect; accessorise using head jewellery for that stylish finish.

The turban Style

Turban hijab is the modern Muslim women’s most favoured hijab style. It gives a sophisticated yet minimal look at the same time. This headgear has been worn by many prominent religious leaders around the world and are considered to be a symbol of nobility; a turban headscarf is inspired from the traditional turbans. While there are many variations to this style, here is the basic: Begin by piling your hair in a high, voluminous bun and secure the hairdo with a cap. Taking a long rectangular scarf, begin to wrap it around your head in layers, styling it as you wish. You can leave the earlobes uncovered to pop earrings if you wish.