Iqra Surcharge! - Roles Rise!

That cute, mischievous look shows her to be a totally different personality to what she is essaying in Ilyas Kashmiri’s avidly-followed serial Khamoshi!

Delectable Iqra Aziz has proven herself to be a talented actress uptil now. After playing a simple village belle opposite a difficult-to-please Shehzad Sheikh in Chhoti See Zindagi, she has astonished everybody by doing a mean and selfish girl to the hilt in Khamoshi. Very opposite to her sister, garbed by the polished Zara Noor Abbas, Iqra’s character is built on self-aggrandizement. Though some people feel she has been directed on the extreme side, her melodramatic expressions, nonetheless, cannot take away from her raw talent.

And now, you’ll see her back to her shokh self in a new serial, Suno Chanda! Isn’t she appearing gorgeous in it?

So, what’s the raaz of her popularity? Why’s every new production picking her for its cast? This Iqra surcharge seems to be because of her dedication, and versatility. In Ta’beer, for instance, a rather boring production, and downright insipid writing, she has kept herself totally pinned to the character. But, for Khamoshi, she can really snatch her rightful trophy in the coming award shows this year. One just hopes better roles come her way.