De Ijazat - Very Made-up Climax!

It was nice to see them immersed in those otherwise typical love scenes on the tube! Meekal Zulfiqar and Zarnish Khan, I mean! The routine drama serial ended with a whimper, while all else had already come to a conclusion in the penultimate episode. Perhaps, the audiences hung on to the last episode (if they did, that is!) to see how the Jezebel mom starts to face herself alone!

But, it was as spineless as even the end of a brilliant family drama, Humsafar, where people were wringing their hands in anticipation of a jail term for Atiqua, and it was an anti-climax, when she lost her mind very conveniently! In De Ijazat, an almost psycho rich socialite with a fog horn for a voice, sat darkly in a silent house, in literally a black dress and a black head scarf! Can you beat that? Please be natural, channelers! Psycho, rich socialites don’t sit at home after a bad episode! They indulge in some more scheming and attend more late-night parties! Pachtawa is not in their DNA!

By the way, I knew Mekaal had it in him to emote in love scenes, but he chose this serial to unveil that talent. They just look so natural together! Anyway, the serial hit the crunch episodes with a thud. After so much of building up, the whole painda fell away, as always. They just can’t manage the predictable climactic scenes. Instead of naturally polishing it off, they end up with sudden, bumpy last rites!