Wajood - Star Power Once Again!

Oh man! Am I looking forward to one of the greatest coming together of the three top heroes of Lollywood from the Eighties!

Granted they have moved on in years, when it comes to cinema, Nadeem, Javed Sheikh and Shahid Hameed could still raise some standards, given powerful dialogues. All three are formidable personalities of local cinema, and they won accolades for their performances on the celluloid in the past.

Javed Sheikh’s new movie, to be screened on Eid, promises to bring the stalwarts together. Javed, Nadeem and Shahid never starred together in a film in the past. So, it’s a first. But, Nadeem and Shahid did cross paths in a few films, including Shahid’s debut movie, Aansoo where Shahid was a villain. Their last film together was Syed Noor’s above-average Mohafiz, where there were some great scenes and dialogues between them. Shahid has kept himself fit, while Javed is prim and proper due to consistent work. As for Nadeem, he is the oldest of the trio, though he can still turn some pretty solid phrases, when it comes to a contest!

All three of them had great early successes. Nadeem had a debut hit in Chakori, in 1967, and he became a challenge for Mohammad Ali and Waheed Murad. Shahid’s debut hit, as I mentioned, Aansoo was a super hit, though he went on to fritter away his advantages. Javed Sheikh was unfortunate to debut in Ibn-e-Safi’s botched-up Dhamaka, but in 1983, his second film was a major triumph, and he has remained a top integer since.