Fawad Khan - Ad Hawk!

Besides travelling in time, Fawad Khan has ‘slow-mo’ed through one of the best ads from Pepsi recently! Most popular ads in the recent times have come from Coke. But, this time, Pepsi sent the right man through the event’s horizon at high speed, with some top-notchers sailing by from the portal!

If back view mirror is to be trusted, Fawad first appeared as an actor in light-hearted fun, Jutt and Bond. Don’t know if he was making music then or not. Now, of course, he has become more of an actor than a singer. So, from Jutt & Bond to Maula Jutt, he has really taken over in this field too. In this Pepsi ad, he has given just the right expressions, with Zoheib, Reema and Waseem Akram accompanying him in different segments. Later, the new bands enter into the fray. The songs add tarang, but sadly Junaid Jamshed is no more there. By the way, Reema hasn’t been exposed well. She has the look of a horror film vamp!

Special FX are good, though a dance hall scene should have been there. It’s very minimal. Fawad gives the look of just doing the top-notch stuff, and he has become extremely choosy. But, all that can change when his totally variant picture, Maula Jutt surfaces. I hope not Oopsi after Pepsi!