60 Seconds With Ushna Shah

Ushna is all the rage these days. With her exceptional performance in drama serial Alif Allah Aur Insan, she has proven her acting prowess and has come out the winner among the cast. She has another project – Lashkara – on-air and her Lahori character is nothing short of entertaining, for she does her job immaculately. Ushna has a long way to go but with the work that she is opting for lately reflects the potential she possesses as an actor. With a pretty face and brilliant acting chops, Ushna will reign over the TV industry pretty soon.

The biggest perk of being me is being the ‘only me’ in the entire universe.

Best part of the day for me is morning. I believe that every new day is a blessing!

I am currently listening to Didn’t Know by Digital Farm Animals ft. Yasmin.

If stuck on an island, I would panic, build a raft, light an SOS fire and try to ferment coconuts. Also, I really wish I knew how to fish.

The last photograph I took was a screenshot of a graph with stats on how Palestinians are persecuted in their own land.

Life for me is passing by too quickly.

Best memory to-date for me is enjoying outdoor breakfasts in our garden with the family.

My best vacation memory is from my childhood, while visiting temples in Singapore with my mother. The recent one was when I was lounging on a futon under a canopy of string lights and the night sky next to the Indian Ocean. I also ate meat with bare hands.

My style philosophy is to stay absolutely true to whom you are, the stench of pretence is so passé.