Ever so vivacious Sonakshi

When it comes to giving every aspect of her on screen performance her best, one can always count on Sonakshi Sinha to come through. Right from training in martial arts and doing all her fight sequences herself in Akira to learning about the Bengali culture for Lootera, the girl has always delivered. But for her next rom-com – Happy Phir Bhaag Jayegi, Sonakshi takes her commitment notches higher as she learned and drove a manual mini truck for a major film sequence.

Talking about the scene, an insider from the sets says, "It was a rather crucial scene for which Sonakshi was required to drive a mini truck as a means for her character to escape. The truck was an old, heavy metal bodied hulk and driving it required a fair bit of familiarity and control with its weight and functionality. She was clear from the get go that she didn't want a double for it and hence she spent a fair bit of time driving the truck and getting used to it. It was not easy as it was an old self geared truck which required some serious strength to push it around. By the time it came to giving the shot, Sona had aced it despite having developed sore muscles from the relentless practise and locked the scene in no time."