130 Yanny or Laurel?

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Netizens fight over this robot's mysterious word

If you still don’t know what the ‘Yanny or Laurel’ debate is all about, then you’re possibly living under a rock. Remember The Dress debate? If yes, then you must also know that this new audio illusion is tearing the internet world apart. The internet has brought us the next thing to fight over, and it doesn't involve debating the colour of a dress. Instead, people on Twitter and Reddit are arguing over whether an audio recording is saying ‘Yanny ’ or ‘Laurel’.

A user on Reddit shared the clip a few days ago, and people on the internet have been arguing over what they hear. Apparently, playing with the bass levels can help you hear both pronunciations. But even after listening to this, all I'm able to hear is ‘Laurel.’

People are fairly split over what the audio is saying, but team ‘Laurel’ is in the lead, according to social media analytics firm Talkwalker. In fact, 53.9 percent of people hear ‘Laurel,’ while 46.1 percent hear ‘Yanny.’ And it's clearly been quite a hot topic, given there have been 746,500 mentions of ‘Yanny’ versus ‘Laurel’ measured over the last 24 hours, the firm said.