Here’s How You Run A Successful Fashion Blog

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With tons of bloggers out there in the market writing extremely well about fashion and the trends that follow, there is always room for more if you have something better and unique to add to the glamour industry with your blogging skills. If there’s even a tiny part of you that aims to become a fashion blogger and not just becoming one but also be a successful one truly, then you really need to work really hard for it. So, how do you get a blog up and running, then get it to stand out from the crowd? Puneet Kapani shares a handful of tips to ace your fashion blog and be the best!

A niche

It is important to select your theme before you kick start your blog. Be more specific and discrete as to what you want to write and are more inclined towards it. You need a specific area to work in. It all depends on how broad you go when it comes to the topic of fashion. For starters, always keep your niche smaller. Fashion has many smaller segments like shoes, apparel, handbags, makeup, etc. Choose any of them and keep blogging. Wait for your blog to get evolved and famous.

Know your readers

Always choose the content of the blog wisely keeping in mind the perspective of your reader. Your blog should be reader centric. You should always be sure about your target audience. Is it a girl or a boy, a foodie or a health conscious person? Reader’s point of view should be well researched before blogging. You should always focus on a segment of the reader. Also, do not forget to ask the readers to share your content ahead.

Right promotional strategy

Blogging is all about being noticed in this far-fetched world of fashion. For increasing your viewership and readership, it is quintessential to have the right promotional strategy for your blog. One can use various paths such as mobile marketing, email marketing, online marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Youtube). Use the power of social media adequately to get popular.

Power pack title

Make your title worth the notice. Blogging is all about getting noticed and stand out in this competitive space. So hit this right! Writing ‘how to wear a sari in different styles’ and ‘4 ways to drape a sari right’. Which sounds better to you? Definitely, the second one, as it is more specific and comprehensive. So, always choose the right content to appeal your audience better.

Partner with brands

The golden rule to get noticed is to be with someone already successful in your selected niche. So, indulge yourself with good and trending fashion brands, so as to get more viewership. Collaborate or partner with good and well-established brand. They lend great credibility to your blog and can give you inside access to information and trends other bloggers might miss.

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Happy blogging!