Kanwal - Bids farewell to politics

You should have seen her in Neele Hath, the famous serial during the first BB tenure in the early Nineties! She looked like the most beautiful TV and film lead in those days!

Well, Kanwal hasn’t lost any of that poise till this day, but she has moved on in years. And her struggle in the political field has dimmed her beauty and interest in life. Recently, when she wrote her last letter to the hierarchy of Noon League, she said she was resigning because the leading man of Punjab had no time to listen to her after repeated requests. So, she said, she was leaving the party, which is tottering even in Punjab, today.

MPA Kanwal Noman today, the gorgeous glamour girl of showbiz once, wasn’t the only beauty from Pakistan then. Celebrated females like Zeba Bakhtiar, Ateeqa Odho, Mahnoor Baloch, Feryal Gauhar Shakila Qureishi and others were rising on our horizon in those days. Kanwal made a name for herself in this starry group. I remember I saw her for the first time in a rather routine Sultan Rahi movie, titled Shahenshah. Though the film disappeared without trace, Kanwal’s tall and graceful presence was continuously seen on the silver purdah! She also appeared on the soup box, as I said, like in Neele Hath, a progressive series in PPP times, about the jailed women. You can imagine that Madeeha Gauhar also appeared in that series.

Now, of course, as she jots down in that letter to Shehbaz Sharif, she wasn’t joining any other party, as many others from Noon League are doing by the dozens, but retiring to private life.