Ali Zafar - Changing Times

What were the lyrics of that tremendous hit by Ali Zafar that starred Reema, Meera and Aminah Haq? Ah yes, ‘Dekha jo teri aankhon mein deewana kaisey na hota, o yaar!’

The big hit was probably released in 2010-11. Those were great times for Ali Zafar. One after the other, his superb pop numbers were being released on the circuit. Just see the list, including ‘Channo kee aankh mein ik nasha hai’, ‘Sajanya’, ‘Rangeen’ etc. In those days, no star would say ‘no’ to Ali Zafar’s new music video. From top local film stars, to Indian models, to big names of the private channels. Sky was the limit!

Just seven to eight years down the vistas, and that’s far from the case. Ali Zafar is appearing in ads yes, but not many stars commit that readily to his videos anymore. Maya Ali, may be, but not many others. Is social media such a frantic space to escape?

One just hopes Ali Zafar’s, ‘Teefa in Trouble’ doesn’t suffer from this kind of silent negative publicity. With a legal battle lengthening out in the media, too, Ali Zafar has to think about the release of his film. May be, a delay in the release could help his cause!