Taking it serious - Sonakshi admits there’s no shortcut to fitness

Once criticised for her unconventional body and looks, Sonakshi is on a fitness ride and has recently revealed her newly toned abs.

Shes took to her Instagram handle to share a picture from her latest photoshoot, where the actress is seen flaunting her toned abs. She captioned the post as, “If i can do it, you can too. Covering my ears so i cant hear any of your excuses. You want it, go get it.”

A source close to the actress said, “Sonakshi is making sure that those jaws stay glued to the floor with her superhot bod.” But ask her about the love she’s receiving from followers and about her fitness mantra, and she says, “My goal is to consistently push my limits to be the best version of myself every day. I’ve never been this fit before. Now that I’m here, I only want to get better and better. I work towards breaking the patterns of my body and challenging its awareness with everything I do – from my diet to my exercise routine. At the end of the day, it is hard work and dedication that pays off because in the long term, there are no shortcuts!”