Caught in a fun moment - Deepika shares hilarious meme sent by her sister

Bollywood stars manage, almost always, to look perfect and be politically correct. Considering they are also human beings and have their flaws, it always requires their near and dear ones to spill some of their secrets.

That’s what Deepika Padukone’s sister Anisha recently did. The actress took to Instagram to share a meme of a dog’s hilarious expressions sent by Anisha about her sister’s dual avatars, at home vis-à-vis in public.

Deepika wrote how she came home to this meme sent by her sister after a hard day at work, but found it too adorable and conveyed her love to Anisha. Thought it’s hard to imagine Deepika being that way considering her public and on-screen persona, we trust Anisha on this.

The two sisters share a close bond despite being in two different cities, but try their best to catch up.

Memes like these surely play a huge role in keeping in touch and maintaining the bond, thus giving everyone sibling goals.