10 kinds of visual content to curate for your blog and social media

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Unless you intend to create all your visual content from scratch, you’ll require first, reliable sources for your visual content and second, a curation strategy rooted on knowledge of your customer base – who they are, what they’re interested in, and where they go to get information. To each of the listed ideas, apply this conquer-all curation formula – select, enhance and comment – to turn quick finds into great shares for your content hubs. Select the most relevant and appealing visual content, enhance it with the help of a visual editor and add your voice to it with a comment. Disha Dinesh writes...

1. Curate images from free image resources

Of all the images you find on the internet, some of them have restricted access to use and distribute, while others are free for your use. Access is restricted when the owners of the image have registered copyrights over ‘an author’s specific expression in the artistic form’, according to the US copyright laws. Steer clear of these images and use only the images listed under the ‘Creative Commons’ license or an image that is labeled for reuse (or reuse with modification based on your requirement).

Even so, you are ethically bound to whoever has created the image, and should ideally provide them credit and space on your blog/social media post.

2. Use stock templates and design guides from image editors

Another method of sourcing excellent visuals is to use pre-made templates that can be customised to perfectly fit what you need for your post. Sometimes you may find that all an image needs to be exactly relevant is a some text, an icon, or a few shapes. An editing app can help you put your masterpiece together.

3. Curate videos from YouTube and other video sources

Did you know that videos generate 1200% more engagement than simple text and visuals on social media? As much as you’d want to regularly create your own videos though, sometimes it just won’t be possible considering how time and resource-consuming they can be to produce. Instead, you can leverage on video curation to add this much-coveted content on your own blog and social media.

4. Curate GIFS via different GIF sources

A one minute video could be anywhere in between 50-200MB in size. The average download speed for mobile phones globally is 2.4 Mbps. This means that your subscribers who prefer watching videos on their mobile phones will have to endure a delay of several minutes to view your content. Considering that most people have an attention span of under eight seconds, you can’t solely rely on videos for animated communication.

5. Curate infographics using interesting Infographics from SlideShare or Visual.ly

On an infographic, you can include three of the most engaging formats of content – statistics, visuals and storytelling. It is no wonder that tweets with infographics are retweeted 832% more. High quality infographics are also three times more widely shared than any other type of content. Creating them, however, is effort intensive and time consuming.

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