60 Seconds With - Yasir Akhtar

Yasir Akhtar, rules the hearts of millions of Pakistanis, he did so especially during the 90s, with his charismatic smile and soothing voice. With a portfolio comprising of several projects where he acted, sung, directed and produced, including drama serials French Toast, Sard Aag, and Jayen Kahan Arman to name a few, as well as songs like Pyar Diyan Gallan, Sohniye, Zara Mann Ko Dekh, O My Love and many more, Yasir has continued to create magic under the banner of his production company and collaborates with international artistes, too.

The biggest perk of being me is fame but it is also sometimes a hindrance.

Best part of the day for me is morning because each new day is full of potential.

I am currently listening to is my own naat Assalamulaika Ya Nabi, which recently got released.

If stuck on an island, I would make a boat.

The last photograph I took was last night. it was a selfie with my mother.

Life for me is a circus.

Best memory to-date for me is my wedding day with my beautiful wife Lubna.

My best vacation memory is a trip to Granada and a candle light dinner there with my better half.

My style philosophy is to always be yourself.