“The mobile phone has become a person's alternate or secondary personality. There is reason to assess a person by the kind of mobile he or she uses.”
Amitabh on how people judge others by the mobile phones he or she uses.

“Art lessens differences – whether they are created through history or politics.”
Mahira to India Today, on how India and Pakistan can get rid of the obstacles and come together.

“Unfortunately, in our society, many women with ambition choose the wrong path because of their lack of understanding of the world, which is a result of lack of education.”
Saba Qamar on why Qandeel Baloch was wronged in her struggling for a career in showbiz.

“No child deserves a life without hope for the future.”
Priyanka Chopra in support of Rohingya refugees as global UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Child Rights.

“I believe in equality. I wouldn’t say I am a feminist, I would say I am a woman and above all, I am a human being.”
Kareena Kapoor Khan on being asked whether she is a feminist.

“Six months ago at an award function, a 15-year-old boy misbehaved with me. I grabbed his hand from my behind and I was shocked to see he was so young!”
Sushmita Sen on celebrities facing harassment in public.

“I set my own rules: I don’t wear clothes that are too revealing, that bare my midriff or legs or cleavage. People respect this.”
Mehreen Syed on avoiding unwanted propositions in the modelling field.


@USHNA SHAH – “ other news, I had a dream that I was going on a date with #thehulk - about time I watched the new Avengers movie.”

@ANNIE KHALID - "How marvellous that the Duke of Duchess is black, older than Prince Harry and also a divorcee! Imagine if such a woman tried to marry a normal man with all these qualities (not calling them anything less) let alone a man of stature and affluence! #takethatsociety

@AYEZA KHAN - Life is too short to have boring hair. @bellagiobysadaf

@HIRA TAREEN – Stay realistic about your weight loss goals post partum and don’t be so hard on yourself. I gained a total of 18kgs during and at 3 months PP I managed to drop 12kgs ( without exercise or dieting) but I’ve been stuck there since.

@SABEEKA IMAM - Dear #Netflix and #Wifi, I Love You. What would I do without you two?

@BILAL KHAN - I wish the road to my goals was also ‘signal-free’

@KARAN JOHAR - Gratitude is a force ! Either you have it or you don’t! Those who don’t will never realise how much they can harm themselves in the long run…