The Valley Iftar Buffet

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  • 02 Jun - 08 Jun, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • High Life

Located at the backside of Sattar Baksh in Clifton, Karachi, The Valley has been the go-to place for many youngsters primarily because of the food and entertainment choices it offers for the age bracket. And while the ambience both, indoors and outdoors, was delightful, less could be said about the food. I had heard a lot about its menu, especially the steaks, and was absolutely surprised to see the never-ending list of choices it catered. Perhpas, may be the restaurant does better with its a la carte and I should have waited to go later. The Ramadan buffet at The Valley offers 30 plus dishes, all standard, more than enough for one to feast on to their heart’s delight. Among the cold starters, the ones I tried was the chana chaat, macaroni salad and one bite sandwich. All the items were light and fresh; though the sandwich lacked a powerful flavourful filling and had a light spread of mayo. The chaat, too, could do with some tamarind chutney, chopped coriander and papri. From the iftar counters, I tried pakoray (because they are the classic iftar item and no iftari can be complete without them), wontons, chicken fingers and jumbo peri bites. The peri bites tasted good enough but were oozing of a lot of juice mixed with oil which was off-putting. The wontons and chicken fingers were not much to boast about but all the fried starters tasted really good with the dips available – tahini, garlic mayo, thousand island.

In the mains section, I got small servings of fried rice with Manchurian, chowmein, Tarragon chicken and black pepper beef. The Chinese dishes were somewhat tasteless and I expected more from these standard items. The Tarragon chicken and the black pepper beef, however, were stars of the buffet and one shouldn’t miss out on them. The former had the creamiest of sauces with a hint of spicy kick while the latter had juicy thinly sliced fillets doused in hot pepper sauce. I was too full by the end of it to check out the bar be que and desi sections that offered variety of grilled meat, chicken biryani, karahi and different types of naan. A sliver of soft, spongy chocolate cake was the perfect way to end the feast. The apple flavoured ice tea was also one of the highlights of the meal! – Sidra S. Khan