It is fun to see menswear designers experimenting with their seasonal collection, and what’s a better stage for that than the runaway itself? Here are some haute trends fresh of the runway that can amp your Eid sartorials as you step out this festive season.

Sherwani galore

Give a Pakistani man as many suits as he wants, but for the festive reason, he might still steer to the traditional once in a while. Sherwani remains to be the staple and most popular pick for any occasion, hands down, and you can make it your own by pairing it with a nice pair of jeans. Thankfully, most of their creations on runway this year were not too florid for our liking. Many sherwanis flaunted a vibrant patch to the sleeves and square pockets, amply lifting up the attire’s look.

Monochromatic takeover

Menswear ensembles featuring monochromatic lines and stripes were the most cutting edge looks of the runway. The funky yet wearable attires relayed that printed menswear can be a game-changer. The exploitation of monochrome in different lines and crosses was a visual treat.

Velvet, embellished jackets

Our favourite pick was the dark chocolate brown velvet zipper jacket Hasnain Lehri wore on the ramp. Paired with black jeans and boots, the look landed impact on impact. The metallic beads around the neck added to the ‘wow’ factor.

Profusion of layers

Velvet embroidered shirts, with brocade jackets on and crinkled fabric around the neck, boasted a profusion of layers. This is a trend we will see replicated in the festive summer weddings and Eid this season. Albeit, layering of fabrics seems more winter-friendly, we can still see it becoming a trendsetter.

Luxe fabrics

The designers’ groomswear showcases featured luxe fabrics inexhaustibly and in superabundance. The runways explored plentiful options of using velvet, brocade fabrics in the works for this eid. Pickup seperates to transform into semi-formal looks. 

Traditional and casual harmony

Another standout look from the ramp was Azfar Rehman’s velvet embroidered shirt with a gold sherwani collar, shrugged on was a blue brocade jacket with gold embellishments on the lapels. The look was completed by pairing slightly distressed jeans and ankle-high boots proving traditional and casual can indeed go hand in hand without the look turning out to be entirely disastrous.