• 09 Jun - 15 Jun, 2018
  • Attiya Abbass
  • Spotlight

Wondering what your favourite A-lister is wearing this festive occasion? We went behind the scenes to retrieve the sartorial details from the reigning celebrities, celebrated for their impeccable style. MAG got in touch with these starlets to get details about what they’d be wearing this meethi Eid.

Ayesha Omar

Khoobsurat in whites and pastels

No one does glam better than our very own Khoobsurat. Whether she dons eastern ensembles or western attires, she makes a vision for onlookers. For an always impeccably-styled and poised Ayesha, one would think the star has her sartorial picks sorted out beforehand, but she derailed us by saying, “Honestly, I haven’t decided (my outfits) yet! I am not much of a planner. I always decide last minute. I pick up ready-made clothes, as I barely get time to have stuff made.”

So if you have ever cussed for subjecting yourself to last minute shopping nerves, you’re not alone! Even the style maven Ayesha Omar goes through it. The actress further disclosed, “I’m planning to go very simple and light this Eid. The weather demands it! My go-to colours will be white and pastels for Eid, that’s decided.”

Meesha Shafi

YBQ, way to go

Embroiled in controversies, backlashed by social media and generalised hate is not getting in the way of Meesha swooning all, as she marches to her fashion sensibility on Eid. The always-exemplary Meesha doesn’t shies from making style statements of her own. Asking in what we’d see the singer singing Meesha replied, “The truth is, I decide that day. But it’ll probably be a Muslim dhoti and kurta by YBQ. It’s too hot for anything else.”

Zhalay Sarhadi

An ‘Unbeatable’ pick

Zhalay has a knack for knocking the breath out of us with every photoshoot that she does. Be it her choice of clothes, shoes, hairstyle or make-up, the actress never fails to impress. We caught the actress just a day after she got done with her Eid shopping. “I got a white suit from Unbeatable, with gold buttons. Also, I will probably wear a Tena Durrani lawn outfit.”

Zhalay, like most devoted moms was also busy fussing over her daughter’s attire for Eid. “I got her (my daughter) a jumpsuit from Boutique in Minnie Minors. Also a ghagra choli.”

Juggun Kazim

Laudable love for Lawn

For most of us who have seen Juggun sporting beautiful joras (without repeating any!) on her morning shows, can collectively agree that the actress and TV show host has rarely ever let us down with her sartorial choices.

“I’m so lucky and blessed that people send me such gorgeous outfits to wear over Eid that I don’t even need to go shopping!” she says when we reached out to her for comments. “This Eid on day one, I’m going to wear an outfit from Al Karam’s Festive Eid collection. Then, I’ve been sent lovely outfits from ANAYA by Kiran Chaudhry and Flora.” Juggun’s favourite colour for the festive occasion would be “light colours... white or pastels. These days it’s so hot that lighter colours would work best.”

Nida Yasir

In white we trust

Donning pretty attires on her morning shows, Nida can really stir envy in the heart of every woman with her beautiful fashion picks. This Eid, the TV show host and actress has decided to go very desi and sublime. When asked what she will be wearing, she said, “White cotton gharara with short kurti and pink dupatta”. Nida also shared with us a picture, and can we agree that she looks very elegant?

Sanam Saeed

Comfort first

During the promotions of her film Cake, Sanam didn’t fail from giving us decent servings of vogue and convinced us that she can’t ever go wrong with her styling picks. She voiced the concern every Karachiite has in this sweltering heat. “I’d wear whatever I’m comfortable in.. in 44 degrees!” We are nodding our heads in unison at this. Sanam, usually seen opting for bolder and experimental colours said she’d play with the colours orange, yellow or pink for the festive day.

Zara Noor Abbas

“Hubby’s choice, for me”

Zara emanates a charm and grace of her own, which is amplified by her good choice of wardrobe. The actress confided in us that it’s her first Eid with her husband, Asad. “He (husband) is probably going to get me something and I’d definitely wear it. My amma has also gotten me joras from Lahore as this is going to be my first Eid in Karachi with my in-laws, she’s really going to up her game.” She shared with a laugh.

Rabab Hashim

Meddling in pastels

Rabab always keeps us on our toes with her clothing preferences and this time, as well, we were expecting something nice from the starlet. However, she told us she will be travelling in the week after Ramadan. “Generally on Eid, I go for whites or pastels. The kind of stuff Pink Tree does or Reema.”

So in case you were always in awe of what Rabab dons, you know where to head for clothes!

MAG also got in touch with more celebs including Anoushey Ashraf, Mahira Khan and Mehreen Syed, all of whom showed visible signs of panic at not having sorted out their attires for the grand fest. So if you haven’t either, not to panic. Happy shopping!

Sunita Marshall

Bringing back traditional

A fashion runway regular and stunning showstopper Sunita Marshall, is a name that needs no introduction. Being part of the fashion industry for the longest time and working with powerhouse designer brands has allowed Sunita to form an unblemished fashion credibility. She spilled the beans about her chosen Eid attire by saying, “It is definitely something desi with bangles and earrings.” We are almost picturing her wearing something traditional, channeling her eastern decadence. Sunita says her favourite hues for this season of festivity are, “pastels, preferably powder pink or blue.”