Another Starbuck’s dupe caught red-handed in Lahore

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The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has issued a show cause notice to Options International (SMC-Pvt.) Limited for, prima facie, fraudulently selling “Starbucks” Coffee in Pakistan.

Starbucks, an international chain of coffeehouses registered in the State of Washington, sent a formal complaint to the CCP that Options Coffee and More, a Lahore-based restaurant, was fraudulently using its official trademark, “Starbucks Coffee,” deceiving consumers and harming its business interest. Starbucks said that it had not opened any franchise in Pakistan.

The Commission’s enquiry found that Options had displayed the Starbucks trademark prominently on the main signage board of its cafés, the packaging materials, mugs, menus, flyers, its website, and Facebook page. It claimed it was offering Starbucks coffee made in Starbucks machines using the same method of production and giving customers the authentic Starbucks experience.