10 kinds of visual content to curate for your blog and social media

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6. Illustrate key points with example using screenshots

A useful rule when writing is to show, and not tell, but I like Heidi Cohen’s version better for content marketing – show and tell, just like in kindergarten. Show your audience what you’re talking about, while you’re telling them how to do something. One of the best ways to use visual content on your blog is as a screenshot to make a point or illustrate an example. Having an image every 75-100 words doubles the number of shares a post gets, and there’s no simpler or more useful way to do it.

7. Curate quotes and tips against beautiful background images for high impact

One of the factors worth considering when curating visual content, is its shareability. Will your reader share what you’re adding to a blog post, or your social media page? Curate content that your readers are certain to share, and quotes are highly shareable. Spend 10 minutes on any social media platform and you’ll see a whole bunch of quotes and tips, where people tag a bunch of friends – mostly shared by the regular, non-marketing crowd. This is because quotes are very relatable, easy to consume and share.

8. Use charts with attribution to data sources

Data is often used to communicate relationships between two variables or quantities, and it is easier to make sense of that relationship and grasp the significance when the numbers are visually represented. In fact, a study has shown that visualisation makes people see what they wouldn’t otherwise. Netflix’s Narcos series has applied data visualisation in many interesting ways.

Most bloggers use data to substantiate their arguments. Instead of quoting a study or explaining it yourself, you could use a graph to do it for you. Visualisation is a universal way to communicate important insights. If you’re trying to get an important message across and it involves numbers, do it visually. Doing so helps you get the point across quicker, which is absolutely vital for social audiences.

9. Curate customer testimonials or comments as powerful visuals

Close to 90 per cent of marketers believe that customer testimonials are content marketing’s most powerful tactic. To quote social media expert Brian Solis, this is an age where your brand is defined by those who experience it. Curate testimonials that you have already got on your blog and social pages, and ensure to ask current clients for feedback however possible.

10. Curate customer generated content and contest results as powerful visuals

Customer generated content adds credibility to your brand and builds trust with prospective clients. People are more likely to buy from you if they see others using your product. Involving other people (‘people like me’) in communicating something about your brand is a proven psychological trigger in decision making. Curate customer generated content to impact your social media and blog audience.

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