Kim Kardashian defends Kanye West

Kim Kardashian jumped to Kanye West’s defense, blasting Rhymefest, on Twitter. Rhymefest – a former and frequent musical collaborator of Ye’s – accused him of not funding the organisation which helps Chicago’s youth, and abandoning the cause, reports •

Kim began the tweets, “Kanye and Donda started a charity called Loop Dreams. When Donda passed, they changed the name to Donda’s House. Kanye paid Rhymefest a salary to run it.

“After several years of lack of performance from the organisation and Kanye going through personal financial issues, he could no longer fund salaries. Rhymefest asked to take it over and Kanye agreed with no financial strings attached. Kanye gave his ‘friend’ an opportunity to run an organisation on his own (sic).”

The mogul continued, “I have and will always applaud any efforts to give back to the community. To fight for justice and to help uplift the youth. But I will never tolerate someone who was close to Kanye who attempts to use his late mother’s name to publicly shame him while pretending to do good (sic).”