Mixed Fruit Custard

  • 09 Jun - 15 Jun, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Cookery


· 2½ cups almond milk or regular milk
· 5-6 tbsp organic powdered jiggery or organic unrefined cane sugar
· 2tbsp eggless vanilla custard powder
· 1½-2 cups mixed seasonal fruits, chopped


Warm two and a half cups of almond milk, do not over heat and only heat more if using dairy milk. Now take three tablespoons of milk from the warm milk and make a smooth paste with the custard powder. Make sure there are no lumps and keep aside. Add sugar to the warm milk and stir till the sugar dissolves. Add in the custard paste to the milk, keep on a low flame and keep on stirring till the milk begins to thicken. You have to stir continuously as to avoid forming lumps in the custard. Do not cook to thickness, as upon cooling the consistency thickens more. Turn off the flame and allow the custard to cool then add fruits and mix well. You can also chill the fruit custard and serve it later.