TAO - Iftar Buffet

Table To Book
  • 09 Jun - 15 Jun, 2018
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

Located on the Boat Basin lane of Karachi that holds a host of other popular eateries, lies Tao, promising you an unbeatable Asian fusion cuisine. We were asked to arrive at 6.30 sharp to secure our reservation at the Iftar buffet, as the eatery begins to fill up after. True enough the hungry crowd began to file in and soon the place was bustling with diners. To break the fast, we were offered a cool minty lemonade, which gave us all the freshness we needed. Another highlight was a clear glass tank of detox water filled with large slices of lemon and mint leaves floating; making for an aesthetically appealing vision for the parched diners. We began our iftar with piping hot bowls of soup; Corn Soup and Tom Yum Kai. Corn soup was thick and delectable to the taste buds. The Thai soup gave off a very strong aroma of lemongrass, which many who don’t like lemongrass, won’t prefer. The starters had a lot of variety and included Dynamite Prawns, Dynamite Chicken, Chicken Wantons, Prawns on Toast and more. The highlight were Prawns on Toast; small pieces of toasted bread encrusted with minced prawn and sesame seeds. The main course was quiet vast boasting a total of 11 dishes. The Cripsy Beef was far from your standard Thai food; chewy, crispy beef with light sprinkles of roasted sesame and well-flavoured bell peppers was as mouthwatering as it looked. Pat Pit Kai was the next curiously-named dish I tried and the boneless chicken dissolved in my mouth in the first morsel. Though well-flavoured with chilli and spring onions, the chicken was too soft for my liking that I almost mistook it for fish. Fish with Red Peppercons was the hottest and spiciest main course, not ideal for anyone who doesn’t have taste buds for hot food. Eating the spicy dishes, we had small gulps of lemonade, which somehow tied all the flavours together. The egg and vegetable fried rice and chow mein were scrumptious and topped the best I have tasted at an Asian restaurant. Cashew Chicken and Hunan Beef were definitely the highlights of the main course along with the egg noodles; all boasting a perfect balance of flavours and spice. For dessert, we had small servings of Chocolate Mousse, Crème Bruleé and Panna Cotta, with Crème Brulee being the winner; the silky dessert gently melted into the mouth, hitting sweet notes for the taste buds.

– Attiya Abbass