Films in Hyderabad Anybody Watching?

At this juncture, in the country, while everybody’s eyes are glued to film production in Karachi (Kollywood, as some like to call it!), and Lollywood is almost marhoom, not many have an inkling as to what productions are being made in other parts of Pakistan!

When, by the end of the year, a ‘complete list’ of all the films made that year is produced in the papers, nobody takes into account the small-budget home productions that may be screened, say in Hyderabad, Jehlum, or Naushehra. Those films, which run for a week or more are not listed in the annual films list. Last week, a biz news column pointed to that fact, as a shoe-string budget movie from Hyderabad, Qatil kee Talash ran for over a week at the famous Shahab Cinema of Hyderabad. You can see in the pictures that the film doesn’t flaunt finances, but it earned triple its investment. The most interesting item was the names of its leading pair: The hero, don’t stutter while pronouncing it, is named Pappu Choclatey (that’s literal caramel delight!), and the heroine (Alat Pampi!) is called Samreen Falastini!

Can it be more bizarre than that? Why wasn’t the film named Caramel Romance in Gaza Strip!