Jawad Ahmed - Politics!

Well, according to one of his own songs, Tum Jeeto Ya Haro, we welcome Jawad in the big, bad arena of the dynastic and monetary siyasat! He is a good ol’ soul. But, why stand against Imran Khan, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, and ‘Shobaz’ Sharif? Can’t smaller fries, at first attempt suffice?

Ummm! Jawad’s party is known as Barabri Party (Equilibrium Party?). He believes nobody has done anything for the middle class, and he aims to do just that. True, but why take the ultimate risk of going up against the top integer? Why not start by challenging some MPAs in Punjab? I hope you don’t mean challenging the best in the game by the name Barabri Party?

With the ‘Sadiq & Ameen’ being the current judging caliber, people need honest and sincere people. Sadly, Uchiyan Majajanwaley want to win by hook or by crook! But, hope springs eternal. Badlein ge dunya hum hain naujawan!