Maria Wasti - Nek Parveen?

Halleluja! Playing the most shatir intriguer in quite a few drama serials of late, the delectable Maria Wasti is playing the proverbial Nek Parveen in a serial these days!

Really! The makers of this famous subject from the past, expect the audiences to sit round the cute box to watch the serial like football fans!

Not gonna happen! Who can forget the crooked girl, who changed the face of a normal household, and the entire family in the serial last year, titled Malka-e-Aaliya! That wily fox, with Maria’s wonderful aristocratic rasping decibel, and equally brilliant facial contortions, was like the real thing. But, sorry to excuse myself from watching her act out the virtually sincere, medieval woman of the home and hearth! I mean that would be asking too much from even the all-weather audiences from Pakistan!

It’s odd to see across the decades that the makers have had some incredible favourites that have always been around, whether on the big screens or the small ones! Anarkali, Laila Majnun, and Sassi Punnu are some of them in the subcontinent. Nek Parveen is another such subject. From the silent cinema to the bolti filmain, this person has always excited the makers and the audiences. In the west, King Kong and Dracula have kept reappearing in the past. Planet of the Apes has been a recent fascination of Hollywood makers for some reason. Evolution problem?

Come to think of it, why not a twist in the story? Gender issue, I mean. Why not a Nek Pervez, for crying out loud?