The Ultimate Hair Guide - This Eid

With Eid right at our threshold, many of us have sorted out (hopefully) what we will wear out on the day of festivity. Now that we have picked our attires, let’s move on to the next important step; styling the hair!
MAG is here cracking the whip over all hairstyling lessons you can incorporate as you step for tinsel gaiety with family and friends this Eid. We bring you four ways to wear your tresses.

Hair buns – the new saving grace

You either have to be short-haired or incredibly daring to set your hair loose during the Eid soirées. If you feel you can’t soldier the engulfing heat that comes with loose hair or the sweat trickling down your neck; allow the bun game to happen. Gather your mane and knot it on your nape into an elegant bun or chignon. The amount of YouTube tutorials dedicated to different bun styles is imaginable; to help you make the best of the bun. Make sure to throw some fancy statement earrings as you tie the hair up. Here’s an idea, adorn your burn with fresh flowers to turn heads.

Braid it like Rapunzel... or Mahira

If you have your hair looking like a matted bird’s nest after just a few hours of heat exposure, tie it all up. Braids emerged as the most popular hair styles in the late 2017 and will continue to reign into 2018 as well. And of course, kudos to Mahira Khan for making the fishbraid red carpet worthy. The actress sported a “khajur wali choti” on one of her appearances at Cannes. You can definitely sport the same to your brunch get-togethers.

Wash-and-go hair

With the humidity in Karachi climbing extra few notches with every passing day, the hair situation has been far from glamorous. No amount of hair styling, straightening and blow drying can salvage the look and can even worsen the texture of your hair for the day. In these impossible (and heated) times, brush away your hair-woes and go for the ultimate wash-and-go hair. The wash-and-go technique remains a hot favourite for many of the biggest designers’ looks, and it’s so easy to achieve. It’s simple, shampoo and condition your hair and let it air dry. Have faith in Karachi’s scorching sunlight to style-dry your hair naturally. If you feel your mane goes too wild after a wash, you can always calm the tresses down by applying a pea-sized amount of hair serum in damp hair and running your fingers through them. Tada! Hair fixed in a jiffy.

The classic sleek hair

I know, I know; the heart wants what it wants. If you, like me, have an undying love for that classic straightened mane, no amount of reasoning will convince us that it’s too hot to achieve that deadpan straight hair. But we shall try. Make sure to get your hands on a good straightening serum and heat protective spray. These products promise to hold on the chic tresses, deferring humidity to spoil the texture.