Spruce up your place this Eid

The most celebrated and awaited affair of Eid is that it brings family and friends together. If you are going to host a gathering of your close ones at your house, you, apart from making them feel very much at home should also make necessary arrangements to make your place as lively as ever.
Here are a few ways in which you can decorate the place:

Bring in some plants

A pot of greens and flowers can be counted upon to fetch some colour into your interiors. It bestows your house with an inviting and calming vibe. Go for shade-loving, indoor plants that can thrive without the need for ample sunshine. If you are unsure about potted plants go for fake plastic plants that are easily available from most décor shops in greater variety.

Gallery of memories

Do you have a bunch of photographs that are worthier of adorning the mantelpieces rather than lie unattended in an old album? Get hold of pretty photo frames to hold your photographic memories up; incidentally, they too make for an amazing (and nostalgic) décor fix.

Scented candles indulgence

Make your guests swoon and feel at ease with the wafting, gentle perfume from lit scented candles. The beautiful candles serve both ways; a decadent, scent-rich atmosphere and added source of dawdling light. You can even attach sprigs of various herbs (i.e., that bunch of rosemary you'll never actually use) to candleholders for an easy, woodsy accent.

Mason Jar décor

Place battery operated fairy lights of different colours in Mason jar and place them on the dinner table, in the living room or anywhere you wish for a portable aesthetic jar of lights!

Make mirrors work

Mirrors in different sizes are the new modern solution to decorating your place. They also work allow rooms to appear much bigger and reflect plenty of light; allowing the place to appear tad brighter too.

Light it up

Hosting a dinner party? Count on some fairy lights to brighten up your place. Tie them around bare windows, curtains or intertwine them around your garden plants or bushes to add some sprinkle around your place.