Momina Mustehsan Countered by Humaima!

Oh the web war! And this time the issue is Qandeel Baloch. Apparently, the young crooning sensation, Momina was caught at a curious crossroads by the recall factor. When sympathising with Mahira, she was confronted by the brazen and in-your-face Humaima. “Don’t you remember how you behaved when you said Qandeel Baloch isn’t a role model?” the girl from the coming-soon Arth 2 said petulantly. “I think that’s hypocrisy!” Ok. That’s pivoting back and putting the past as a postcard in front of the song thresh. That’s more like ghumaima… left her tongue tied. But, things aren’t that simple, are they?

I remember the late Javed Fazil made a nice enough movie in 1988, called Dushmano ke Dushman, with Babra Sharif in the same kind of role as Qandeel’s in life. Babra being Babra, she did a great role of a village girl, who sells herself in the city to sustain her family in the village. It has nothing to do with commenting on the moral side; it is against the system. So, Qandeel cannot be labelled. The fact is that it is also about our typically predictable reactions as a society. We don’t heal wounds, instead we make them worse. I think Momina’s viewpoint was mustehsan. Still, it’s the perspective that makes everything different.