10 best headphones you should buy for your kids

Whether they are for listening to music or audio books, using a tablet or phone or watching the television, headphones aimed at kids are a much better option for two main reasons. First, they are designed for small heads, so they don’t slip off. Second, adult headphones tend to be much louder than those made for kids. Here’s a list of 10 best kid’s headphones.

1. Puro Wireless Kids’ Headphones

You will be hard pushed to find more professional, well-designed and stylish headphones specifically aimed at kids. The audio quality is noticeably higher, even with Bluetooth. Moreover, these headphones are wireless which means no tripping over cables. The volume is maintained at a safe level without any noise leakage. It offers an 18-hour battery life and a back-up cable for charging when it runs out of battery.

2. ZAGG ifrogz Little Rockerz

Available in a range of funky colours and designs, these headphones look appealing and fun, and are recommended as safe for young ears due to the volume limiting circuitry that keeps the sound pressure down. They fit close to children’s heads, meaning they can dance away without them falling off, and they have comfortable padding, with a robust design that means they suit clumsy kids who are prone to dropping things.

3. Groov-e Kiddies Headphones

Though cheapest on the list, these headphones are sturdy and comfy. They have the ear pads that can cup even the smallest of ears well, which also helps block noise leakage. Noise quality is good for the price, and there’s a volume restrictor as well.

4. Kidz Gear Limited Wired Headphones

These robust and great quality headphones come in several colours and work for children as young as two. The cord is long at 1.5m. They are well sound-proofed, but the sound limiter is removable, which older kids like, but it does mean young ears can be put at risk if taken out.

5. Smiggle Neon Headphones

Smiggle came up with jazzy colours and designs for their kids collection. Luckily, the cord is long at 1.5m and tangle-free. The adjustable head band makes the headphone suitable for children of most ages. However, the sound does go up to 95 decibels, which is 10 decibels above the recommended maximum for kids.

6. Go Travel Child Safe Headphones

These volume-limiting headphones are nice and light, and sit comfortably on young heads. The single audio cable means less chance of wires getting tangled and caught round necks and the headband is easily adjustable. Available in pink and blue, with a space-themed design, they look fun. Although the sound quality isn’t quite as crisp and clear as some, which young listeners are unlikely to notice.

7. JVC HAKD5Y Headphones

The soft padding on these headphones is particularly comfortable and they look more grown up and professional than many kids’ headphones available. These are available in pink and purple or yellow and blue combo, and come with stickers for kids to decorate them with. They have good restriction of noise leakage and volume restriction, but the cable length (0.8m) is shorter than most.

8. Sennheiser HD201

Although these are the only headphones in our round-up that aren’t designed exclusively for kids, they can be adjusted to fit smaller heads. The sound quality is terrific for the price, as well as they are good at cutting out any external noise, and providing a more all-round-sound experience. Because there is no volume limiter, these headphones are good for teenagers.

9. Kondor Superman Man of Steel On Ear Headphones

These superhero-themed headphones are bright and cheery. They are easy to adjust to the right head size and both the ear cups and headband are comfortable. These headphones are perfect for travelling, as they are foldable and are robust enough to survive toddlers yanking at them. On the down side, the headphones don’t have a volume restrictor.

10. Philips SHK400

This affordable pair of Bluetooth, volume-restricted headphones comes in two colour schemes and the design isn’t too babyish to put older kids off. They are light, well-padded around the ear cup and they have an easily adjustable, flexible headband, and to top it all off – a colourful design. They are easy to set up, the sound is good quality and there is a nine-hour battery life and the absence of cables gives you peace of mind.